Brahim El Guabli

Guabli is Assistant Professor of Arabic Studies at Williams College, where he is affiliated with Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies Programs and teaches courses on African and Middle Eastern literatures. El Guabli specializes in Arabic, Francophones and Amazigh literatures of the Maghrib and the Middle East. In addition to his work on the ways in which traumatic memories of loss become an archive that facilitates the rewriting of recent pasts, El Guabli’s recent work has primarily focused on the Sahara as a locus of literary reimaginations of the Maghrib. His journal articles have appeared in InterventionsCambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary InquiryArab Studies Journal, and The Journal of North African StudiesMETA, among others. Brahim is also the author of numerous book chapters on memory, joint authorship practices in Morocco, and the return of Moroccan Jews in literature and film. El Guabli co-edited the double special issue of The Journal of North African Studies entitled Violence and the politics of aesthetics: a Postcolonial Maghrib without Borders. Also, he is the co-editor of Lamalif: A Critical Anthology of Societal Debates in Morocco during the “Years of Lead,” which will be published by Liverpool University Press in 2020. His first book manuscript is entitled Other-Archives: Rewriting the Nation in Post-1956 Morocco.