Deborah Kapchan

Deborah Kapchan is Professor of Performance Studies at New York University. A Guggenheim fellow, she is the author of Gender on the Market: Moroccan Women and the Revoicing of Tradition (1996 Univ. of Pennsylvania Press), Traveling Spirit Masters: Moroccan Music and Trance in the Global Marketplace (2007 Wesleyan University Press), as well as numerous articles on sound, narrative and poetics. She translated and edited a volume entitled Poetic Justice: An Anthology of Moroccan Contemporary Poetry (in press University of Texas Center for Middle Eastern Studies) and is the editor of two recent works:  Intangible Rights: Cultural Heritage in Transit (2014 University of Pennsylvania Press) and Theorizing Sound Writing (2017 Wesleyan University Press). She was also the editor (with Pauline Strong) of a special issue of the Journal of American Folklore, entitled Theorizing the Hybrid (1999). She is currently writing two books:  The Aesthetics of Proximity and Between Morocco and France: The Festive Sacred and the Islamic Sublime. She is also writing a sonic memoir entitled Listening Methods.