CMS annual symposium on race and racism in the Maghrib

The Center for Maghrib Studies (CMS) is organizing a symposium on “Race and Racism as Lived Experiences in North Africa.” Please mark your calendar for this important event. The dates are now set for September 24, 2021. The symposium will be a hybrid meeting (in-person and virtually at the same time), consisting of two panels (mainly round table discussions, 5-minute presentations) from 10:00 to 11:30am and the second panel from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. Registration Link

Race and Racism as Lived Experiences in North Africa

Race and racism are deeply complex notions in the Middle East and North Africa historically and contemporarily. The racial hegemony of “whiteness” and the dispossession of minorities in these regions not only preceded the Western conceptualization of race and racism but also emerged before these analytic discourses in Western Europe came to exist. As a result, neither the “Islamic” nor the Western discourses on race have historically understood or captured the experiences of marginalized communities. Even so, there are several parallels between the two different regions in the themes and arguments pertaining to the nature of being racially marginalized or victimized by racism. We have conceived this symposium as a venue to pursue the ongoing work of new epistemological approaches to how we recognize racism and activist scholarship in the field of race, colorism, and anti-black racism in North Africa. The panelists will ask the hard questions about race/lineage-based discrimination and other racial disparities. The debate fits in CMS mission that “adheres to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, upholding all ideals that center issues of inclusion, equality, equity, and diverse representation through collaborative scholarly activities between the US and the Maghrib.” We commit to these principles in “the efforts to advance meaningful change in the fight for equality and social justice at ASU and beyond.”


Keynote Speech (10-11pm):
Robin Kelley (UCLA, CMS), a keynote speech on “Black Internationalism and Race.”

Panel I (11:05-12:30):
1. Chouki El Hamel, moderator (ASU, CMS)
2. Eve Troutt Powell (UPenn)
3. Hannah Barker (ASU)
5. Salah Trabelsi (Lyon 2-France, CMS)
6. Mehdi Alioua (UIR-Morocco) (Mehdi and Chouki will announce the format of the publication of the proceedings.

Panel II (1:30-3:00):
7. Aomar Boum, moderator (UCLA, CMS)
8. Brahim El Guabli (Williams, CMS)
9. Khadija Massaoudi (Freelance journalist and theater maker, Netherlands)
10. Yacine Daddi Addoun (Emory, CMS)
11. Timothy Cleaveland (UGA, CMS)
12. Leila Tayeb (NYU Abu Dhabi)