Yasmine Akrimi

Yasmine Akrimi is a PhD candidate within the Middle East and North Africa Research Group at the faculty of political and social sciences of Ghent University (Belgium). Her research looks at the intersection of race with postcolonial state formation and gender in Tunisia. It specifically centers the positionality of black Tunisian women within the framework of national identity and institutional feminism. Yasmine is also a research analyst on North Africa at a Brussels-based research center, the Brussels International Center. She is a frequent contributor to independent publications (Middle East Eye, Nawaat, Houloul) and regularly intervenes on international media outlets to comment Tunisian politics (BBC, Al Jazeera, TRT, France 24). Yasmine received an MA in international conflict & security with a minor in migration from the University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies. She did her master’s thesis on the racialization of sub-saharan African migrants in Tunisia. Prior to that, she obtained a law degree from her native Tunisia. She also completed part of her undergraduate studies at the American University of Washington DC.