Salma El Houary

Salma El Houary holds a degree in French literature from the University Mohammed V (Rabat, Morocco) – Faculty of Arts and Humanities and a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication and Sustainable Development from the same University. She is passionate about major societal issues, in Africa in general and particularly in Morocco. She has therefore been seriously engaged in civil society since 2017 through a number of community projects relating to such issues as education, gender equality, capacity building and women’s rights in Morocco and other African countries. In 2019, she published a booklet about the conditions in which the women’s rights movement developed during the 20 years King Mohammed VI rule, entitled “Women’s rights in Morocco: 20 years of change and challenges”.
She is currently a doctoral student at Mohammed V University, attached to the “Languages, Literature, Arts and Cultures” laboratory. Her study focuses on a literary corpus of female Moroccan authors of the 80s and 90s, exploring the articulation between textual identities and the margin as literary fields. She benefited from a research program at the Centre Jacques-Berque (Rabat – 2020/2022) where in parallel she organized and coordinated the scientific events program, including a one day conference centering on the French translation of Chouki El Hamel’s work “Black Morocco, a history of slavery, race and Islam” inviting representatives of several scientific disciplines to question and reflect upon the historical facts concerning the trans-Saharan slave trade and its political, social and cultural impact.