Webinar: Colonial Legacies, Religion and Politics in the Maghrib: Reflections on Morocco & Algeria

March 25 at 12 AZ time at Coor Hall 4403 as well as via zoom. Please see the registration link below.

Colonial legacies, and the integration of religious and political systems is a common theme across the Maghrib, and is one aspect that characterizes the region. The nature of these legacies and current dynamics vary significantly, however, from how colonialism affected the societies, to how religious and political institutions are mutually constructed. This talk will contrast historical themes in in de-colonization and state-building in Morocco and Algeria, and how these histories have resulted in the current nation-states.

Register at: https://asu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_3hZ4IW-aTwKTJVmXtzh2PQ

CASABLANCA, MOROCCO – JANUARY 18, 2014: Architecture details of exterior of Hassan II Mosque